About Us

Schnitzi was established in 2007. The idea was developed when we realized that most of us have one thing in common when it comes to food, especially in New York where one is always on the run. We all want to taste our childhood in the food that we eat. The food that our mother or grandmother cooked for us.

We thought of Schnitzels because it is the type of food we all relate to, when remembering our childhood lunches and dinners.

So we created a few types of Schnitzels, in order to make everyone happy. We added the side dishes that we thought went best with the Schnitzel, and some more dishes in order to satisfy our customers who avoid fried food. Such items are grilled, and include: chicken, steak, pastrami and roast beef.

Schnitzi's sauces are created by our very close friend who is also a chef! These sauces are what truly make Schnitzi unique. They intensify the taste of the Schnitzel, and any other item on our menu. Our most popular sauce is the Garlic-Mayonnaise and Chimichurri.

We try to create new sauce and Schnitzel flavors to keep the good old Schnitzel "alive and kicking". We look forward to hearing any feedback from our customers, and suggestions are always welcome!!!